If you are interested in becoming a member at Hawick Golf Club please check out our variety of Membership Categories available.

Any queries, please contact the club secretary. Thank you.

Hawick Golf Club 2022 Membership Categories

Categories (Subs are exempt from VAT) Annual Price Note
Full Adult Membership (age 30 ) £410.00 1
New Full Adult Member £369.00 1
Senior Membership (75 ) £125.00 2
Family-1 Membership £815.00 3
Family-2 Membership £740.00 3
Junior-1 (10 to under 14) £40.00 4
Junior-2 (14 to 16 inclusive) £75.00 4
Junior-3 (17 to 18 inclusive) £120.00 4
Adult-1 (19 to 21 inclusive) £205.00 5
Adult-2 (22 to 24 inclusive) £280.00 5
Adult-3 (25 to 29 inclusive) £340.00 5
Country Membership £170.00 6
Please NoteNew Lady members' subs for 2022 will be £200, increasing to £300 in 2023, and then full membership price from then on.

Full Explanation of Hawick Golf Club 2022 Membership Categories: (All ages calculated on 1st January each season)

  1. 'FULL’ members receive unlimited play and all other member benefits. 
  2. ‘SENIOR’ members discount is available to those that have achieved the age of 75 before 1st January. There are many ‘Seniors’ competitions throughout the year that only require members to be 50 or 55 on the date of the competition, this is a different qualification to membership discount. 
  3. ‘FAMILY-1’ designed for two golfing parent families, this category is for any two full adult members in the same family who abide at the same address. All family junior (18 and under) memberships are included. 
  4. ‘FAMILY-2’ designed for two full adult members in the same family who abide at the same address. 
  5. ‘JUNIOR’ member categories are split into 3 age groups, all under 14 members are entitled to Clubgolf coaching. 
  6. ‘ADULT’ member categories have been split into 3 age groups, discounts have been on Full Membership dependant on age to improve the percentage of junior member transitions to adult members. 
  7. ‘COUNTRY’ qualification comes from your main place of residence being out with 10 miles of Hawick. 
  8. ‘STUDENT’ this member shall be a person over eighteen years of age at 1st January in the year in question, who is still receiving full-time education. 
  9. ‘SOCIAL’ entitles non-golfing members to use our bar and catering facilities.

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